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Fire Tested

Read the Rules

Buy the game, or download the Rules and read them!

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Play the Game

If you have a copy of the game, play it! If you downloaded the rules, maybe play a game in your head...make it work!

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Make Changes, Play the Changes!

Make the changes you think will add to either, clarification, or simply an enhancement of the rules. Play it, to make sure it works!

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Suggest to the Community

Go onto our Forum and submit the change under the game's Fire Tested section. Let the others read it and soak it in, and try it out.

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Change is Made!

Once the Community accepts the change, Fire Squadron makes it part of the rules! An update will be made to the online Rule book and will be included in all future printing of the game!

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Fire Squadron's Mission

Casual, Family Friendly Games

Our core mission is to create casual, fun, family ready games. We are not for the hardcore gamer. We want our games to be simple to get into, but with a strategy depth that will keep you playing.

Community Driven

We consider each member of our community a part of the Squad. We will treat each member with dignity and respect, and respect each memeber of our community to treat each other with the same dignity and respect.


We are driven to keep Fire Squadron open to our customers. We want to always let you know where we stand. What we're making. What we decided we can't make. What we're working on. We want every customer to be a part of the Fire Squadron.


Fire Squadron strives to stay on the cutting edge of gaming technology. Weither it's the latest mobile technology, Virtual Reality, 3d Printing, or something we totaly invent! We will push the boundries of what we can accomplish


Fire Squadron will always do the right thing. We are commited to taking care of our Squad Members, our Customers, and our Company. We will resolve all issues with equity and integrity.


We know that the rules we come up with may not be for everyone. We also know that we're going to get somethings wrong. We rely on our players to help us change the rules to make our games the best they can be. See the Fire Tested section above.

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